I'm a designer, a painter, an artist, or just a curious soul often diving  into my subconscious to bring these creations into reality. 

I am giving you these symbols to use them as a compass to guide yourself on your path.

How you ask? Well be creative and give them the meaning you need right now.

example: make a list of goals, how you want to treat and cherish yourself this year and print a big symbol on the top of the page.

Place it on your bedroom wall so you can see it before you sleep and when you wake up.

Now chose one word that inspires you and create a background for your phone with that word and the symbol.

Every time you look at your phone you will get inspired and reminded to honor your goals!

If you are a fellow artist/creative soul and you want to use them in your project you can get them for free, just contact me with some details of your idea. 

If you would like to use them commercially contact me.